Every All-Stars Club will provide activities to have fun, meet friends, and grow in faith.

The night is facilitated by an incredible group of volunteers. Buddy volunteers attend to your all-stars needs and ensure he or she enjoys all activities. S.E.R.V volunteers are on hand to make sure the night runs smoothly and that your all-star is in a safe environment. We host adaptive sports, karaoke, crafts, dancing, and much more. Each monthly event is 2.5 hours of fun, which means you as the parent or caregiver can drop your kids off and enjoy a night to yourself.

Benefits of participating:

  • All-Stars will smile ear to ear enjoying all the great activities

  • All-Stars meet new friends and grow in self confidence

  • Parents & caregivers enjoy a night of rest knowing your all-star is in great hands



Volunteers are guaranteed fun, fulfillment, & immediate impact on All-Stars and their families!

Your time serving an all-star not only provides a night of pure fun for them, but you are also affording their parents or caregivers to have a few hours to rest. Our Buddy volunteers are matched with an all-star and help facilitate a fun and safe night as you help your all-star enjoy all the fun activities. Our S.E.R.V. volunteers assist with the operations and oversight of each All-Stars event.

Benefits of volunteering:

  • Immediate impact that is fun and fulfilling

  • Parents will get some much needed rest because of you

  • Your volunteer hours are tracked through our GivePulse software



“My daughter, Sonya, looks forward so much to going to the All-Stars Club. She loves all the loving, friendly people and having her very own Buddy to hang out with doing all the fun activities.”

Susan Y, Mom of Sonya (all-star)

“My son loves All-Stars Club. They have been so helpful in providing for his needs and making sure his buddies are always perfect for him. He has such a good time and asks to go back – and my husband and I get to enjoy date nights!”

Katie S, Mom of Grady (all-star)

“This is an evening of love, friendship, respect, acceptance, and worship!”

Kathy K, Mom of Jake (all-star)

“The program is amazing! The love poured over these amazing participants is wonderful and everyone has such a great time.”

Angela W, Volunteer Buddy

“As a parent I can’t say enough about this wonderful program… such a great bunch of people. Such a huge blessing for our family. Thank you so much for making this a place my daughter does NOT want to miss.”

Katie W, Mom of Hailie (all-star)

“What a fabulous club! My kids look forward to the great events the All-Stars Club hosts. We have been coming for years and are always excited for the next event. We love our All-Stars friends and volunteers!”

Mitzi T, Mom of Spencer & Tristan (all-stars)

“Amazing people with huge hearts! The positive impact they make in these kid’s lives is priceless!”

Terri C, Volunteer Buddy