Doctor Fix-It Goes All-in for All-Stars!

The Denver-based business, Doctor Fix-It, epitomizes bold generosity combined with creativity. It started with the family-owned company stepping in to volunteer and donate financially to the All-Stars Club. Now, it has grown to be the single largest donor and volunteer commitment the All-Stars Club has seen to date!

After the first interactions with the All-Stars Club, Doctor Fix-It owners, Steve & Nancy Jusseaume along with daughter, Megan and current CEO, wanted to do more. Nancy was a long-time Special Education teacher, and the whole family saw the positive value the All-Stars Club brings to people with special needs. In response, the family established a Giving Program to encourage the broader community to get involved.  The Giving Program creatively combines the important services provided by Doctor Fix-It – plumbing, heating, and electrical – with a donation to the All-Stars Club. With a $10 monthly donation to the All-Stars Club, members are enrolled in Doctor Fix-It’s annual service plan. Doctor Fix-It then matches that $10 to fully sponsor one All-Star to attend the events each month. This partnership has truly taken off! In addition to this generous financial support, many of the Doctor Fix-It employees have rallied around the All-Stars Clubs by volunteering.

Vice President at Doctor Fix-It, Anthony Nicosia, says, “My son Anthony and I feel very blessed to volunteer with the All-Stars Club. Every experience we have had as a buddy with an All-Star has been incredible! There is always a sense of community which makes volunteering extremely rewarding and impactful.”

This commitment from Doctor Fix-It and their members have made powerful impacts in the lives of the All-Stars and fueled important growth for the organization. Thank you Doctor Fix-It for your generosity!