SERV (Specialty Event Role Volunteer) manages all the details and logistics that go into hosting an All-Stars Club and creating a fun and safe environment that is enjoyed by All-Stars and Buddy volunteers. See below for details on each role and please consider volunteering with us at an upcoming event!

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The “green” team ensures the logistics and entertainment of each All-Stars Club are set up and managed properly. The Host Team includes:

  • Setup
  • First impressions/Check-in
  • Photography/videography
  • Karaoke emcee
  • Chaplain
  • Snack table
S.E.R.V. Team

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The “orange” team ensures 100% safety at each event for all participants. They monitor each room and its exits to ensure participants are following proper safety rules and addresses any medical needs that may arise. The Safety Team team includes:

  • Medical professionals (Click Here for required qualifications)
  • Room monitors

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The “red” team ensures all BUDDY volunteers are equipped and supported throughout the entire event. Care volunteers have a moderate to high level of experience working with individuals with special needs and have served at the All-Stars Club for at least 3 events as a BUDDY.